Training program 


Dental studies

Second (master‘s) education qualification level
Granted degree: Master
Educational qualification: Master of Dentistry
Professional qualification: Dentist
Educational professional program volume:
300 credits of the European Credit Transfer System (ESTC)
Form of education: Full time study
Term of education: 6 years on the basis of higher secondary education

Dental studies

A characteristic feature of the specialty “dental studies” consists in the application of modern methods of diagnosties and treatment of the oral diseases of cavity and maxillofacial area, as well as in preparation for dental prosthetics and selection of methods of treatment and designs of dental prostheses.

Creation of dental simulator clinical center as a new model of educational process for students and doctors-interns became a new step of the innovative development of the specialty.

9 simulator classes, 7 halls of therapeutic and orthopaedic dentistry, specialized rooms of therapeutic, orthopaedic and surgical dentistry have been created on the basis of the center.