Training program 



Second (master‘s) education qualification level:
Granted degree: Master
Educational qualification: Master of Pharmacy
Professional qualification: Pharmacist, pharmacist-cosmetologist (specialty Technology of perfumery and “cosmetic products”)
Educational professional program volume:
300 credits of the European Credit Transfer System (ESTC)

Form of education: Full time study, part time study
Term of education: 5 years on the basis of higher secondary education (full time),
5 years on the basis of the first level of higher education – bachelor in Pharmacy.
Medicine (part time)


Pharmacist — specialist with full higher pharmacentical education. The pharmacist of the pharmacy and its structural subdivisions provides the population and medical institutions with medicines and medical supplies.
In current environment, the role of a pharmacist in the treatment process is becoming increasingly important. This role is to predict the direction of disease development and correct its course with the help of medicines. In addition, the pharmasist can work in companies of chemical and pharmaceutical industry, in forensic and toxicological laboratories, research institutes, higher educational institutions.